Getting the Pre-Interview Jitters? Here’s How to Conquer Your Anxiety

You’ve finally landed a job interview – congratulations!

But now you’re feeling anxious. Your stomach is churning, your hands are sweaty, and your mind is swimming with ideas of failure. Anxiety is a known predator of interviews.

But you can put a stop to that.

The last thing the recruiter wants to see is a highly nervous candidate. Interviews should be a positive experience, where you get to talk about all that you’ve accomplished in order to prove how good you’d be for the job.

Follow these strategies to calm your nerves and stay focused so you can conquer your anxiety and your interview.

1. Engage in mood-boosting activities

The more uplifted you feel, the less nervous you will be. It’s a scientific fact! Make a playlist of your favorite mood-boosting songs. Or, go for a walk and enjoy the crisp air. Watch a comedy show or listen to your favorite talk-show host for a while. This will do wonders to relieve your stress.

2. Visualize your success

There’s a reason people are so taken by the concept of creating vision boards. Imagining success can actually make you more likely to achieve success. Visualize yourself at the job interview, smiling and answering all of the recruiter’s questions with confidence. The more you imagine it, the more likely it is to become real. Positive imagery is a powerful psychological tool that can help your brain cope with anxiety so you feel more confident during your investment banking interview.

3. Prepare beforehand

You need a game plan in order to put your mind at ease. Here are a few ways you can achieve this:

  • Drive to the location of the interview before the day of your interview so you know exactly where to go.
  • Plan some answers to common interview questions in advance.
  • Show up early or on-time to your interview.
  • Go over your resume to make sure you know it through and through.

4. Be chatty

Engaging in conversation is one of the best ways to calm your brain and ease your interview stress. Plus, talking politely with the recruiter can actually make them like you more. It shows that you have a positive interest in both the people and the company, proving that you’d make a great addition to the team.

Engage in conversation with them before the interview begins. That way, you’ll feel warmed up and ready to go. This gives your brain a chance to relax and calm down before the questions start coming.

5. Eat a healthy breakfast

The last thing you want to do is go to the interview on an empty stomach. Try to fuel up as much as you can before the interview. If the interview is scheduled for the morning, try to do as much as you can to fill yourself with energy. Make sure you add some brain food that includes grains, protein, and fruit.

Avoid coffee if possible. It may make you feel more jittery during the interview, and you may need to go to the bathroom as well, which can also be distracting. Opt for juice or water instead, which will give your brain the energy it needs to succeed!

6. Reduce intimidation 

The best way to get rid of pre-interview anxiety is to totally demystify the process. Remember that the interviewers are people too, and they may also be feeling nervous. You may not think that a recruiter can get nervous, but they have a responsibility to find a great person for the team and that weighs on their mind.

Job interviews are daunting for everyone, but with practice and preparation, you will feel a lot calmer. Follow these steps to reduce your anxiety and the process will go a lot more smoothly!

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